Justin is onto something big with Garden on Wheelz™. There’s a kitchen garden revolution across the country, but unfortunately not everyone is able to enjoy its benefits. For some, it’s due to a lack of space while for others it’s a lack physical mobility. Garden on Wheelz™ solves both problems by allowing people to grow a lot of food in a small amount of space while staying in a comfortable, upright position. Plus, you can wheel it to where the sun is shining the strongest. I’m rooting hard for Justin and his product because I think they have the potential to make gardening and healthy foods accessible to millions of new people.

Roger Doiron
Founder of Kitchen Gardeners International


  I have have limited sunlight in my yard, so the mobility allow me to maximize the sun that I do get. At my age (70) it allows me to garden without bending which has been great for my back.

Debbie Railsback
(1st person to purchase product)

  Garden on Wheelz™ helps physiological responses in elderly as well as physical, emotional, and cognitive impact as well. We are very proud to be apart of Justin Connell’s program.

Julie Ballo
Executive Director at Emeritus of Creston Village


  I love to garden, I am enjoying Garden on Wheelz™, I have not been able to garden for several years now, but this is perfect!

Lillian McMichael
(82 year old resident at Emeritus)