For Schools

100 for 100

Are you an Elementary School teacher? 

Are you a parent with elementary school children?


As part of living our mission, LifeCycle Gardens is offering Garden on Wheelz to elementary schools through our “Kids Helping Kids” program. 


You can participate by sending us your information and we will provide you a special “Kids Helping Kids” SCHOOL price.  Send us a note with your school name, your affiliation, and how your school will benefit from using a Garden on Wheelz. 


We care passionately about providing young people the learning experience of growing their own produce so that they understand where their food comes from, how to make healthy food choices, and that growing a garden can be fun and rewarding! 


The functional and flexible nature of Garden on Wheelz allows students to grow their own fresh, organic produce – without space or sunlight restrictions.  Our patented design offers maximum mobility, adjustable height, and a self-contained watering system.  The best part…everyone can participate.